02 December 2003

Another follow-up to my previous Mattel Mr Freeze review: I found the supposedly rare chase variant with NO goggles. I've taken some shots for your viewing pleasure. Again, pictures have been generously hosted by <- click there to go to the article.

27 November 2003

I recently got an email from Eric Nocella, who actually sculpted the Toybiz movie Spidey street props (among other Marvel Legends accessories). There's some interesting info about the process behind that particular accessory too! I thought it's a blast that someone who worked on a toy actually wrote to me, so I'm posting an except here (with his permission, of course).

What a nice review site, right to the point with tons of photos. I also wanted to say thank you for the Spiderman street base review. I sculpted that for ToyBiz a while back at the 1 to 1 scale which means actual size. I was flattered that you said it looked like it was done by Kaiyodo. Those guys are very good as we all know.

The reason for the smaller scale was for packaging purposes. I originally had the pole and the newspaper holder the right scale to a six inch figure but it was just too big for the packaging, even with the lamp pole cut in half. So it was scaled down in overseas production. Everything was made from scratch using styrene, ren board and even clay for the sidewalk. I enjoyed making that accessory and tried to make it as cool as possible so people would want it. Glad to hear somebody else liked it just as much as I did.
Eric Nocella~

 Thanks, Eric!


26 November 2003

Another sparse, periodic review! It's of the new CAPCOM FIGURE COLLECTION trading figure set featuring CHUN LI and CAMMY. AKA "Street Fighter II mini figures", if you go by what Diamond comics is calling them.

Once again, it's a shared review with! Click here to see it in their site, or here to see my slightly more detailed one with more ecchi pictures.


Two more things. 
1) I forgot to post that I also did a review of the Kubricks Batman set for AF. You can see it here: BatKubes

2) Tripod's gone nuttier than before with banners. Those you see floating at the top of their page are their fault. I've never been to any of those toy sites recommended, nor am I endorsing any of them. 


09 September 2003

My Freeze review has been!! Links below have been adjusted according. Go see it again, now with higher res pics than this site can afford. 

Thanks, Nomad and Adrian!!

06 September 2003

Hmm, Yahoo Photos is going nuts, so if it doesn't work, try surfing it through Yahoo Briefcase. Actually, Briefcase might be better, coz you get to see the pics in their original resolution, and not the crummy Yahoo Photos-compressed ones.

Click the clean underwear logo on the left to go to my

Also, because YOU DEMANDED IT (well, maybe not you, but some people...and it wasn't really demanded of either, more like some casual requesting for), another review, this time of the brand new and not-out-in-the-USA-yet-nyeh-nyeh MR FREEZE!

31 August 2003

Me am lazy. I started a job in March. Guess why this site's been stagnant since then. Go on, Guess.
Well, while I find the time and inspiration to complete the Transformers articles promised below, here's a few seat warmers.

 I've found some neat One Piece stuff that I think fans should know about. 

Plus, a little review on the new Kim Possible toys by Equity. In the words of KP herself, "You rock".

PS, you'll find a few floating ads here and there. Tripods going ballistic about it, and this site now uses 2 memberships. Shhhh.

30th March 2003

I finally figured that my old email wasn't working. If you haven't been receiving any replies lately, now you know why. Shoot me another message, if it isn't too late. Ignore all the email links on the pages within, and send messages of worship to the new link on the left! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just forget it and carry on...


Just uploaded the Transformers Myclones wave 2 review. Has it been only a month since wave 1 came out? Takara is mad!!

Also, part (I) of a two part article on doppelganger Transformers is up. TWIN CAST this week deals with the differences between the US and Japanese version of the Armada Hotshot! I'm working on another one dealing with Star Convoy that should be up next week. Hopefully.

I think these will be my last articles here since my Tripod account has run out of space. Time to open another!! :-D

10th February 2003

There are new pics of the recently released POISON IVY from the Hsbro BATMAN: Gotham Girls 4 pack in the Yahoo Briefcase.

Here's a review of the new and ginchy Transformers G1 MYCLONES set!

17th January 2003

I put some Skyluv Hina heads on some Compact Jennies and took lots of dirty pics. Come and look, you know you want to...

6th January 2003

And another 2 months fly by with nothing done on this site. I do have a new photo storage dump on Yahoo (accessible from the left menu) with pics of the Harry Potter Dueling club figures (recently featured at and the Star Wars 12" Padme Amidala doll, among other odds and ends. Feel free to take a look.

One new review up: the new Toycom GHOST IN THE SHELL "Diver Down" aka SUPER_BABE MOTOKO STRIPPING OUT OF A WETSUIT figure.

6th November 2002

A long hiatus later, there's finally an update. I had stuff to do. sue me.
A short review's up on those funky Clonetrooper bootlegs that have been showing up. With a nice little picture gallery. 

Also, I forgot to upload that 2nd Hina shoot. heh. This one's based on Sega's seaside figure set.