Compact Hina? What's that??

Why the heck is there another Love Hina photo shoot ? Did Skyluv put out some new variants? Well, they did make a Naru in yellow towel not long ago, but that's not what's being featured here. 

Instead, I finally managed to get hold of some cheap Compact Jenny dolls. Compact what, you ask?

Jenny dolls are the Japanese equivalent of Mattel's Barbie. The line took an amazing step in doll evolution when the company, Takara, created the PHOTOGENIC BODY: a soft, flexible body cast over an internal skeleton which allowed literally unhinged poseability, free of joints, with an anatomy that moved and bent almost like a real figure.

A sister line was created in a smaller scale (approximately 6"s) called Compact Doll. However, in spite of their small size they had a high price of about 1500yen and above each. Which is why I didn't buy any before. heh.

Despite more recent attempts by companies like Jakk's, Dragon, Moby Dick and Mattel to emulate this technology, Takara still holds top place in bendy technology. However, Bandai's new TOKYO MEW MEW series of 5" mini-dolls comes very close to the quality of these "Compact" Jennies as well.

To come back to the original question, it may be known to some that these compact dolls are a pretty good match scale-wise with Skyluv's Love Hina figure series. I was aware of this for some years (having seen this guy's rather infamous forewarned. If you thought this site was a little perverse this guy's got a blacker kettle than I), but it wasn't until I got my hands on some compact dolls did I realise how much expansion they can offer. 

Compact Jennies come in assorted outfits, with the patented bendable body style wearing petite undergarments inside. It takes on a definate anime shoujo (ie, young anime girl type) look that fits in with Love Hina's style and ecchi content. ;-)

Getting the Skyluv heads onto the bodies is a simple matter.

Pull the chubby Jenny head right off. There's a neck stump with a dial that you'll need to cut in half (a pair of pliers works), or the ball-shaped hollow of the Hina head's won't fit. Now, maniacs can try to build a round neck stump if what you want is a permanent exchange, but I've used a glob of blu-tack (substitutable with any sticky tack of your preference) to form the ball. Use the tack to secure the back of the head, and then just fit everything else on. Viola! 

And if you decide you want Jenny's old head back, just remove the 'tack and pop the doll head right back on with no problems.

So why all the bother to do all this? How poseable are these Compact Jennies anyway? Do they look good in their underwear? How much fan service can a toy offer?

That's what the GALLERY section is for. 
All parts have been used as is, with no alterations whatsoever except for the neck stump as shown above. Contains slightly explicit content, but no nudity. If you're a fan of Love Hina you should feel right at home. If you're some kind of moralist zealot that believes the human race works best neutered please do not proceed and go try another website like

That said, onto THE GALLERIES:

- Motoko from 25
- Who the heck is this? I put Kitsune's hair on Mutsumi and...
- Red Red Naru


17 / 02 / 2003