Ghost in the Shell : 
"DIVER DOWN" figure

Type: Plastic figure
By: Toycom/Alpha

Out Now.

Ghost in the Shell super babe Motoko Kusanagi gets the figure treatment again, this time timed in conjunction with the new GITS anime series currently running in Japan.

This series comprises 2 figures, "Alias" and "Diver Down" which, barring repaints, marks the 6th and 7th figures based on Kusanagi. While the recent Man Machine Interface series was based on the new manga by Shirow, I have no idea what the basis for these new figures is. They do bear more of a resemblance to the anime version than Shirow's artwork, so perhaps that's the source. Having only seen 2 episodes thus far I can't say for sure.



This series features sandwich bubble boxes with paper inserts, unlike the previous 2 lines which had carded bubbles. Nothing very spectacular about the packaging. No neat Shirow artwork, just weird psychedelic graphics on the front and a very minimalist look for the back (see gallery, below).

Now about the figure: There isn't really that much to say. It's a COMPLETE BRICK. ZERO articulation. What you see is what you get. White the 2 previous series of GITS figures had some minimal points of articulation (head, shoulders etc) this one has absolutely none. (this is going to be a short review)

Accessories: It comes with ONE gun, which fits well into her right hand.

And  for those collectors who bought the previous figures, you'd be wondering about how well the figure stands. Good news is, she seems to have been better designed than her predecessors. Most of the figure's mass is thrown backwards, with the weight of her jacket keeping her feet on the ground, and it seems like a sturdy, balanced pose. In 2 days she hasn't shown signs of potential warpage yet. Hope that continues.

And if you're wondering about compatibility, this Motoko stand's slightly shorter than the HARD DISK version, which in turn is slightly shorter than the Man/Machine Interface figures, making her the shortest one yet (I didn't buy the Alias figure so I don't know, but I'm assuming it's not far off from this one). They do look passable together; you just have to know which ones to place at the front. The same rules when taking a class picture applies.

This is one figure where the sculpt determines all (Hey wait...weren't all the Motoko figures like that?). If you liked GITS, or like well-endowed anime femmes in a state of undress that's all this figure is. I'll let the pics do the talking now. Enjoy the gallery.