Transformers: MYCLONE series 1

Type: PVC trading figure    
By: Takara, 380yen

Out Now.

Myclone is a brand new series of trading figures based on Takara / Hasbro's popular Transformers Generation 1 series. For those not in the jingo, that refers to the original first Transformers series that debuted way back in 1984. Taking a hint from the ever expanding Kubricks-like collecting that has overtaken most of the toy collecting circuit, Takara's introduced a series in a similar vein: Semi accurate sculpts combined with geometrically simple, almost Lego-like bodies. Each box comes completely sealed so you have no idea who's inside.

Who, what and how do Transformers have to do with clones? MYCLONE is actually a larger line by Takara. Transformers is actually series 3; the previous 2 featured characters from the MICROMAN line, aka MICRONAUTS in the USA. What the heck does the name mean? No idea, actually. It could be a mis-spelling of MICRON.  Or, Transformers was originally known as Diaclone before they were imbued with their Autobot / Decepticon affiliations by American toy maker Hasbro, and it be a mis-spelling of MICLONES, that is, MIni - diaCLONE. I could be wrong.

The first wave is made up of 6 characters: (L to R) Optimus Prime, his vehicle mode, Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Megatron and Starscream. Each box contains one full figure, a stand, and paper catalog. The figure stands approximately 2 " tall, or 6.5cm.

height comparison with the Mega SFC Optimus the stands are detailed with the Myclone logo
front of paper insert
back of paper insert

There are also chase figures. So far I hear that a CLEAR Megatron is one of them. I suppose there's a clear Prime by default as well.

Each figure is made up of the same basic construction: there is a hexagonal piece that forms the torso, followed by a T-crotch joint with moving thighs. Only Arcee is built somewhat differently with  unique lower torso and thighs, to give her a more feminine shape (imo it doesn't help much!). The rest of the parts are uniquely sculpted to match the character. this marks a difference from some of the other block-figure type lines (eg, Kubricks, Mini-mates, et al) where the detail is PRINTED onto a basic part. 

Most characters consist of distinct arms (shoulder, forearm, fist), chestplate, lower legs, and of course, heads. The Decepticons also come with backplates. Prime's gun and Megatron's fusion cannon, are sculpted as part of the arm and are not removable. Meanwhile, Starscream's null lasers and Magnus' rocket launchers are.

The form provides some articulation. 
-head turns
-shoulders move, hinged elbows, some wrist swivel
-waist turns
-hips have limited ball & socket movement
-knees swivel, but do not bend

More so than the regular Kubricks like items, but still limited in many ways. Not too shabby for something of this size and price.

NEXT: Individual reviews and more pics!

The review for wave 2!!

10 Feb 02