Transformers: MYCLONE series 2

Type: PVC trading figure    
By: Takara, 380yen

Out Now.

Here we are again! Takara has been quick to push a good thing, and have just released their 2nd wave of Transformers My Clones. I'll have less of an overview this time round. If you're interested in knowing more, take a peek at my first Myclone review. Things are basically the same.

Series 2  is made up of 6 characters: (L to R) Soundwave, Wreck-gar, Galvatron, Rodimus Prime, Bumblebee and Grimlock.

All 6 of them come evenly packed two per case. Unless the case has a chase figure (This time round it's a translucent orange Galvie and Skywarp, I think), upon which the chase will replace one of the above 6. No pewters or other funny crap like that, thank the sigmas. As before, each figure comes with a paper insert catalog and a Myclone stand which serves little purpose. This time round, the stands are more varied in colours, matching the basic colour palette of the character. Eg, galvatron's is purple, Bumblebee's is yellow etc. Mildly amusing stuff.

Here's what they look like next to the 1st group. Takara is building up a pretty nice looking collection. My biggest gripe is that height discrepancies abound. I wouldn't mind it as much if all of them were the same height like Kubricks are, but they all vary in height, and some characters who aren't exactly giants, are taller than those who are. Wreck-gar towers over Prime, Ultra Magnus et al, and Arcee's pretty height-enhanced as well. Poor Grimlock is shorter than Bumblebee!

As before, each figure is made up of a basic block-torso, crotch and thighs, with the other parts being individually sculpted to the character. This wave is slightly more interesting in variety. Bumblebee, for example, has no lower legs, with his thighs being connected directly to his Volkswagon feet, to give him a shorter stature. Wreck-gar has little pegs  on his elbows for his wheels. The most unique of all is Grimlock, who only uses the basic torso piece, and everything else is a new part. What's more interesting is that the torso is used horizontally: his dino-chest attaches where the torso's head should be, and his neck and tail attach to his "arm pegs".

NEXT: On to the Individual reviews and more pics!

30 Mar 03