TRansformers: MYCLONE series 2
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MTF 007
Nobody likes Rodimus. His reissue is not doing well on the back market. I'm personally a Hotrod person myself. 

Rodimus's Myclone is generic. Generic enough that if you don't scrutinize him he'll easily pass for Hot Rod.  Those Rodimus eyebags aren't too blatant, so that's a plus in my book. Nice Hotroddy details all around. Comes with a non-removable gun but that seems to be the standard for this series. I'd say he's pretty much a perfect Myclone Hot Rod / Rodimus translation. Get him for your collection, coz he's a sorely needed addition to the wave 1 Ultra Magnus and Arcee. Now all we need is Springer and I'll be very happy

MTF 008

I've gotten used to the Megatron Myclone, so here's Galvatron. Overall, he looks pretty good. I just have 2 gripes.

1) He doesn't have that thingee sticking out of his back. Megatron had his, why doesn't he??
2) The body, the armour, the cannon, are all great. But his face looks like someone's mean Auntie. maybe it's the squinty eyes, and the smooth, week-old cheese complexion. 

MTF 009
I never thought I'd see a Wreck-gar Myclone so it's a nice surprise to have one. Pretty interesting figure. His definitive shoulders and those wheel shields give the impression of him being more detailed and larger than the other figures. In truth, he is THE TALLEST of all the Myclones so far.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this marks the FIRST show-accurate (kinda) Wreck-gar ever! Come join the celebration! Dare to be stoopid! Dare to be stoopid! OK, I'll stop now.

Comes with a non-removable axe. His head's a bit weird. From the front he looks nice, but his side profile looks like his head isn't filled out right, like his missing the back of his brain or something. Hmm, then again, that may not be too out of character.

MTF 010

Everyone loves Bumblebee! This Myclone's got my vote: He's short, he's pudgy and pretty cute. Looking at him reminds me of my Action Master version. I think the prototype had larger eyes, which I would have preferred. He looks a bit weird with the smaller ones they gave him. Cliffjumper, maybe, but for Bumblebee big eyes work. Ah well. 

He looks adorable, like a Myclone kid brother. I hope they do Cliffjumper, Huffer, Gears and the rest of the minicars in this series too.

MTF 011
Grimlock: the strangest Myclone yet. He comes in 9 parts: Head, neck, torso, chestplate, tail, 2 puny arms and 2 feet. The hole you see in his back is where a regular Myclone's lower torso would have plugged into.
Like I said on page one, my biggest gripe with Grimlock is his size. If he were a regular Myclone's height, he'd be impressive. As is, he's like the family pet of the series. He'd just need to have a bigger tail section and longer feet.

Another thing I don't quite fancy is the sculpting. It's a nice Grimlock head and all, but it's a bit too plain. AND inaccurate. The cartoon Grimlock didn't have much detail on the metal surface, that is true, but it has some amount of detail that made it interesting to look at. From my reference pics, the Autobot insignia is actually located in between his arms, at the grey section of his neck. I think if the Myclones had done that instead of printing it on the yellow piece it would improve things somewhat. Also, the back of his neck could have had some of the ridge and hinge detail sculpted onto it. The show definitely had it.

MTF 012

He is, in my opinion, the BEST looking of all the Myclones thus far, with perhaps the exception of Optimus Prime. I love everything they did on this guy; the sculpting, the colours, it all just screams Soundwave. I guess part of it has to do with Soundwave's naturally blocky look, which translates easily into the block-figure kind of style that the Myclones take after.

Perfect, simply perfect.

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10 Feb 02