Keptin Typhoon, Plo Corn, Shark Tea

Arrrr, ye landlubbers. Panooki from the Ghostly Nuisance has been replaced by some eye-patch wearing guy who looks nearly the same. Scary, uh-huh. Comes with lame-O tiny gun and a stupid spark. thankfully he also has a helmet to cover that silly eyepatch wearing face of his. No offense to the actor, but that eyepatch is just dumb! And the photo of him is smiling! Don't smile when you have an eyepatch! 

Nice helmet. Looks like the hat from the Noobi pilots with full face coverage. Reminds me a little of Matt Trakkar's helmet.

Verdict: C+

Disappointing. Corn-boy was one of the coolest looking Space Monks in the council. He looked a little like something from a Mortal Kombat game. With all the hype about Real Scan, you'd think they could do better than this. It's a pre-posed stance.  It looks like he's doing a Fred Astaire impression. shoulders, waist and hips are all you get. Of note is that his man-skirt is billowing slightly so you can actually use his legs a little, but he won't stand up if you do. The best he can attempt is a bend over, which is unacceptable because that just tempts the 3PO figure to inch closer to Corn. But the top billing for awfulness is his head. It's close to the sculpt they had before, with small, unnoticeable changes. Why use RS then? the old head looked fine. In fact, it looked better. The paint application was great the last time around. You even had the nice textured forehead. Not here. Poor Cornie looks like he's having a really bad case of sunburn. maybe it's supposed to be like that in the movie. maybe he goes to Tatooine and gets sun burned. Maybe it's an essential plot device in the film. I doubt it, judging from the picture. Corn looks the same as ever. The figure does not. What is does look like is that he ate too much seafood and had a bad skin reaction. What's more, his light sword is now blue, with a completely different hilt. So is it green or blue? Consistency, please!

To top it all off he comes with a silly looking "Force Blast energy" to snap onto his hand. It looks more like a bouquet of translucent space grass.

Verdict: E

Her design frightens me, with all those stripes. It's like one of those caterpillars on National Geographic. Bright colours warn of danger. scary. 

Again, she doesn't do much but stand there, but it's a very nice likeness, with plenty of detail, especially for the paint application for her head, and the pieces down the front of her robe have got pretty neat alien patterning on them, with a few occasional smudges.

Nice statue for your Space Monks collection. She comes with a sparky thing that's supposed to look like laser fire ricocheting off her sword should you decide to use it. 

Verdict: C+


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