Sneak Peek: Clowntropper, Zum Waffle, R1R2BAselectstart and Jungle Feet


Feet comes preposed in a John Woo-esque pose, firing off two guns. He comes with 2 small pistol, one of which has warped on this one, and 2 red bits of pretend firing flare that fits onto the front of the guns. Exciting pose, so-so figure. Doesn't have much articulation. Neck, shoulders, waist, hips are all I see. Maybe the backpack is removeable, I can't tell. No, it's not a Boba Fett repaint. 100% new sculpt. 

Verdict: C. nice pose, but save your money and go on to the next section first. 


Another astromech droid. This one's actually quite interesting, because it's got a see-thru head, with little bits of machinery inside. It looks like yet another new R2 sculpt but I can't say for sure. It might be the naboo one since I didn't buy that version, but it definately isn't anything from PotF or PotJ. The head definately needs to be a new sculpt due to the transparency gimmick. Kinda reminds me of 7Zark7 from G-force. Comes with little bits of en electrical surge. The variations make a nice addition to any collection. At least it's not another R2 D2 again.


Verdict: B


I'm torn on this guy. I really like the designs for him but after getting that really cool Commtech Stormie this one's disappointing in the articulation department. He's got your standard 5 basic points...not even a waist joint! At least it isn't just an altered stormie. the full sculpt is there, but it's stuck in that pose, which stinks it up for army builders who'd like their soldiers standing straight.Plus they gave him some kind of dirty wash and splatter. I don't know why. Kinda spoils the look for me.

Verdict: B-


Female bounty hunters in gladiator inspired outfits. What could be better? Quite a bit. She looks surprisingly minute compared with other Star wars figures. I don't know if she really is that thin, or if her head's that small, but that's how she looks like next to the other figures in the line. At least she beats the guy above. She has a waist joint (oh, wow.)! however, her head doesn't turn much so it's a trade off. She comes with a small pistol, a long rifle and that silly plug on flare thing which is starting to get on my nerves. Really torn on this one too, coz I really like the design. Maybe there'll be a better version soon.

Verdict: B-

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