3-Pooh, Jungle Feet, Fit Kooties, Super Buddle Druid

Hey cool stuff here. Secret ID robotguy! Kinda reminds of of an old Bruce Wayne figure from BTAS. Same concept. A half built robo-guy with some snap on parts to armour him up into something a bit more familiar. The paintjob on the armour is good and bad. The grey and silver portions look good, but the green and brown shades look like they need more weathering. As is they look too colourful. 

He comes with a big crate to store his parts in. Not much else to say. A nice feature to have. Thank the maker it isn't just another repaint! Standard blah-blah robot articulation.

His innards look like a bootleg figure, so that brings him down a notch.

Verdict: B+

Feet, Feet Feet of the Jungle. Ungh, so that's what he looks like under that helmet. bah!

But I love removable helmet dudes. Heck with that Sneak stuff, save your dough for this guy. He comes with the afore mentioned helmet feature, two guns without that irritating zap-bang-pow sparky stuff, and he sports the same backpack as the anniversary Bubbo Feet. Yes,  rocket and missile are EXACTLY, 100% the same in a different colour. The backpack is different, but does the same thing. No, this is not the same body as the Sneak. Different pose. And he comes with a little grappling hook on a string. His guns fit into his side holsters. This guy is just full of stuff to do. He's like an activity centre. 

I say it again, heck with the green carded one, this version's a million times better.

Verdict: A+

Hey, look, it's Coolio! OK, not really. Some jazzy alien fella who looks like Coolie, after smelling what the Rock was cooking. Or cooked, eaten and noxiously released. Wasn't Fist-O the name of a lame He-man character? 

Fisty here comes with 2 features. His left arm has a spring-enabled sword swipe. His right palm has the same magneto-like powers the other Jed...er, Space Monks in this wave have. Again, the hilt is 100% metal, but it has some detailing this time. His right hand is semi-clenched, so one wonders about how well he can attract the sword. 

Interesting, but kind of blah. His right hand has a swivel elbow so he doesn't cut his own genitalia off when he attracts his sword over. 

Verdict: B

Giant big evil killer machine thing. Odd design, but then again so were the Buddle druids. But a nice, smooth sculpt nevertheless. 

His action feature's pretty cool. A button makes his upper torso pop off and he explodes like a Crash Test Dummy, flinging his arms and chestplate under some obscure piece of furniture so you'll never find it again. Be forewarned, this guy will go up in value. Then again he does come heavily packed. Buy more, in case you lose parts.

He also comes with 2 attachments. One is a giant badass evil gun cannon thing that can attach to his right arm socket should you not use that arm. He also comes with an extra chest plate that's badly damaged and charred that you can interchange with the nice spotless clean one he has in case he needs an excuse to call in sick at work. Unfortunately, the battle damage chest plate also has a place for you to plug this giant starfish explosion sparky thing. Ungh, makes him look like he took dressing lessons from the Joker.  

Note; There is a sticker replacing the back portion of the card where his instructions are. no idea what's under that. 

Verdict: A-


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