Annakin, Obeewun, Pudme, R2 T-bob

Aw man, The toys rock. OK, so he has a big mug sticking out of his hand that squirts blue water, OK, so he is in a pose that doesn't really lend itself to play, and OK, so the Real scan stuff doesn't really work on this scale anyway and he ended up looking a bit like Screech from Saved by the Bell, but the action feature makes an excellent saving grace.

Wave his  hand over the box and it "pop's" open, and then wave it over the blaster inside and it zips into his hand. How cool is that???? And the blaster is full metal! The Force is strong in this one! Of course, it's all done by magnets but I think it's incredibly clever and makes sense. Man, if the vintage stuff had features like that I'd never have put them away. Check out the instructions!

Hate that outfit though.

Verdict: A-

The master gets the same awesome treatment, but ups the student plenty! Wan-O doesn't come with a huge mug full of blue milk or whatever. Instead, his zipping thingee is his, laser sword! There's a magnet in his right palm that attracts the sword's hilt, which is full metal! They have, however, sacrificed the detail of the hilt to allow easier attraction. He can also stick to that weird machine that he comes with, which is some kind of rope-burn prevention thing if you get my drift.

Likeness is great. Then again it could be a Kenneth Branagh figure and I wouldn't be able to tell anyway. Real scan's a nice concept, but at this scale they're better off using the guys who worked on PotJ, IMO. When heads are so small I feel you have to exaggerate certain features for recognizability.

His instructions.

Verdict: A

Choo! The babelicious Ami! This figure'll get an A* no matter whatzits coz I'm a Portman nut and bloody biased.

well, at least RS came through. Her face is very, VERY nicely done. It's no better than that ridiculously hard to find Amidala with ascension gun,  but it's leaps and bounds over that puff-dolled Ami they threw into the first wave of, The Ghostly Nuisance. 

The body's been exaggerated slightly. They gave her a Britney Boob job, among other things. It's not bad, except for the very distinctly obvious peg n her right shoulder. Turn her waist and her arm flips up in a "quick draw action". OK, but there's still that ugly peg there. And that arm can't be used for anything else. On the bright side, she comes with chains. Lotsa chains. Your mother's daughter you are, yes, Hmmm!

For those who were wondering about the scale...
Click here

Verdict: A*

"man," I thought. "Another stupid R2." How wrong was I. This has got to be one of the most awesome mechanical trashcans ever!! It's as detailed and as clean a sculpt as any other previous incarnations, and when you press his little blue button there on his chest....des he even have a chest, well anyway, when you press it, his eye lights up orange!! But that's not all. HE BEEPS!! Ok, so what's so great about that? That crummy deluxe one with the miniature mountain did that too. NOT QUITE! This fella beeps with very loud, very accurate artoo sounds, and it's a good mixture of the various wheeps, whistles and moans he's known for. AND THAT'S NOT ALL! He's got at least 5 different audio patterns! 5, goddamit, FIVE!! And to top it all off, his eye blinks in accordance to the sounds he's making. AND HE'S THE SAME SIZE AS BEFORE! I'm feeling faint.

The card is also worth mentioning. It's shaped so as to look like Artoo is resonating sound. Very nice touch, boys! He comes in a "try me" bubble and runs on 3 A76 button batts. Get one quick before all the kids press him to death.

Oh, yeah, he comes with 2 centipedes. Blah, whatever.

Verdict: A*++ !

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