Come hell or high water, this Shinobu will sell for sure. Just coz it's Shinobu. If i had to get only one Hina figure, it would have been Shinobu. She's just super adorable.

Shinobu comes with quite a few accessories. The larger pieces join together to form a laundry pole that's connected to part of the fence of the Hinata hostel patio. Very appropriate, and very detailed. there's a little bird that hovers near the top, and the fence even has a small snail that looks like it's crawling up it. But the most fun accessory's her laundry basket. It's sooo adorable, and it fits into her hands perfectly. They gve you bits and pieces of Shinobu's wardrobe to fill it with (mostly sculpted anime fetish pieces like her school uniform, her bloomers, and of course, her undies, inscripted with her name, no less. Hina fans will raise their collective arms in joy), but you can fill it with anything you like...Mutsumi's watermelons, Kitsune's booze, or even dump Shinobu inside herself.

The figure itself comes with the neck joint, swivel shoulders, hips, knees and toes. Not very much compared with the other girls, but for petite Shinobu it's quite sufficient. She can do a lot of basic poses, although her arms are a bit of a disappointment. They raise at an angle, so her hands will meet when they're perpendicular to the ground. That means she cannot raise her arms directly up, but it does make for a very cute present-giving pose.

Her face is really sweet too. She has a kinda dazed and dreamy expression, so she looks like she's in the midst of a daydream, or really confused and silly, if you tilt her head. It's sooo cute!

And it provides great contrast with the Waterline Shinobu variants. There are 3 Shinobu heads from that series that work perfectly with this figure (the older girls have different sized ball pegs, so they won't fit): Happy, Speechless/excited, and swirly-eyed. So that gives Shinobu 4 expressions to play around with. Serioously you'll need all 4 heads for some real fun!


It is, however, made up of a similar material to Naru's towel, so ecchi's can pry it off if they wish. She's only wearing panties, if you must know (no panda prints or polka-dots, tho. too bad.), and she does have some contours on her chest. Yes, there are pics in the Photo section to satisfy anyone who needs to see it.

So is she worth the high Japanese price tag? Definately! She's just been released this month, and I've been hearing reports that she's selling out in Japan. She's a nice figure of an extremely popular character, and I think her accesories are a blast. You get the dioramic element that Naru has, as well as pieces that can actually be used with the figure. Just make sure that you have the Waterline 2 Shinobu's if you're planning to get this one.





For a LOT more pictures, check out the photoshoot!

Warning, adult content. May offend those with extreme moralist viewpoints.

24 / 04/ 2002