Teasingly called "The Fox" by her friends, this lady has 2 interests: making trouble and booze. And this set makes sure you know about the latter!!

Kitsune doesn't come with much. You get a speaker, 2 stand to prop it up, a scale foldable chair (which does NOT fold; it's one piece), a pack of cigarettes, and LOTS AND LOTS OF BOOZE. 5 cans of beer, 3 bottles of the same stuff, and a frothy mug.

At first I felt cheated. Such a high price for just a bunch of repro-ed accessories. Kitsune's a hellava nice figure, but is this all I'm getting? that was before I took her out of the box.

Initially I thought she's be the most token purchase. Her character had become pretty flat and 2D in the later arcs of the manga, and I had preferred the blue-top, purple hotpants version from the anime. Yeah, this version was pretty sexy too, but she never wore this outfit, and her accessories looked boring. I mostly bought her for completion's sake, since I was getting the other 3 girls.

Then I took her out of her blister. Man, this figure is a lot of fun. In my fervour for accuracy I forgot one thing: the booze! There are little things more fun than an action figure of a half-dressed, drunken chick, trust me. She isn't as well-developed a character as the other Hina girls, but she's still a great character that lends itself to a lot of mayhem!! You can pose her relaxed, drunk, or just plain slutty. It's a blast! Check the Photo section for more. (and no, that toilet bowl is not part of her set.)

Kitsune comes with the ball neck, swivel cut shoulders, hips, swivel thighs and knees, and some odd joints. Her elbows are both different; the left one is an angled cut, while the right is a hinge. The right is positioned so that she can bring the booze-type of her choice into drinking position, and it also loks good in a relaxed pose as it hangs down her side, but you can't do much with it once you turn her arm towards her back without having it look dislocated.

Another set of odd joints is located inside her shirt. Her entire top is one piece, that hollows out for her lower torso (so NO, YOU CANNOT STRIP HER!). Her lower anatomy goes as high as her tummy, before it breaks into a regular swivel waist joint. But she also has a cut down diagonally from the top of her tummy to her back just above her waistline, that allows her to lean side to side. Ingenious, the overall effect is very similar to a ball waist, but more effective.

One darn shame about her is that she has no other Kitsune head, since she was not included in the 2nd Waterline series. But take heart, she is still fully compatible with all Naru's and Mutsumi's, so you can put her head on Naru's body for a spring bathing Kitsune, and in a stroke of genius I also used Mutsumi's happy smiling head, which suits her very well, for it replicates her famous squinty-eyed smile. (Note about switch heads: Kitsune's strand of hair is a separate piece that is removable, so be careful not to lose it!) If you mix and match you get something like this (see? It's dropped out in this one!):

So is she worth the high Japanese price tag? She's a much more fun figure than I was expecting, and she's worth getting because of that factor, in my opinion. Her accessories really lend themselves very well to posing things in a Kitsune way. She's also one of the most implicitly sexy of the series, in a half dressed, just woken up kind of way. I think this is one figure that really comes down to taste. Do you like Kitsune, and do you like sexy, cool and booze-filled girls? If so, this is one for you.





For a LOT more pictures, check out the photoshoot!

Warning, adult content. May offend those with extreme moralist viewpoints.

24 / 04/ 2002