Speaking of weird robots....the stuff on the left is from Cubix, some kiddie 'bot show, and the brown oven with legs on the right's from Digimon. It turns into some funky skeleton-robocop-mon. Hey, they were cheap.

Also managed to get the Batman 4 pack from Toys R Us with the new Talia and Ra's Al Ghul figures. I gave Robin away...have too many of those. Subway (The sandwich place) had some neat DC superhero toys too, and I got this great translucent Batman. It looks like the ghost of Batman, a very cool effect.

Samurai Spawn figures. Nice to display, and the skinny one actually has quite a bit of articulation. Got him on clearance at KB Toys for US$6 (vs Sing$20, ok...not that much saved but it's better than nothing).

Transformers. Can't live without them. These are all exclusive to American retailers, so I had to get them while I was there. The bikes are from a Walmart (US$15), and I found the black Optimus (US$30) on my last day in the US, thankfully enough.  Had some unpleasant business at the checkout counter since I was in a hurry to get to the airport, but it was worth it.