I love Capcom stuff. I'm addicted to Rockman, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and what ever heck else they tend to do. Nuff' said!

Actually, there's much more to speaketh.

Hong Kong's the only place I know of that has the new Rockman bandai kits. I found all 4 of the ones based on Rockman Dash 2 (Megaman Legends 2 if you're in the US or Europe), but only the Gaea Armour set from Rockman X5. Missing were the X5 regular super armour and the Eagle armour. I'm happy, though. the gaea is my favourite of the 3, since it's the one that looks least like a Gundam. :-)

I got 3 out of 4 available Dash 2 sets. I'm keeping the Hypershell version, and gave my brother the helmet-less and the Drill arm versions.

While the X5 figures seem to match the other Bandai kits well, being in the same style and design, the Dash figures are a brand new creation, and they come off as rather cheap, in my opinion. The facial sculpt isn't what you'd expect from Bandai (especially after I've seen the excellent job Yujin did), and they've removed the hinge knees and elbows. What is nice, tho, is that each kit gives you 2 power-ups. The regular Rockman comes with the buster and dash boot upgrades. drill Arm also includes the homing missile attachment. Hyper shell comes with the Remote Charge (??) arm. I'll probably do a more in depth review with more pictures later.

I was in time to get the first series of Moby Dick's new Capcom Queen figures featuring their new Dollgure bendy bodies. I passed on Chun Li (ugly face) but did get a Cammy for HK$160. It's a weird figure but it's growing on me. The bendy technology is still a far cry from what Takara has achieved with their Photo-Jennies but it isn't as bad as they might have been. A full review will probably go up later, if time permits.

Finally, here's one of the best gashapon sets I've ever seen, Capcom or otherwise. Amazingly beautiful sculpts, larger scale size (the taller figures are nearly 5") and an excellent adherence to the promotional artwork of SNK vs Capcom 2, at a degree that most major toy companies can't even achieve. I'll shut up now and let you witness the full shock of gashapon near-perfection (Nakoruru has balance problems, dammit!)

Scale of 4 to 4" in height. They're bigger than G I Joes!

That's it! Shows' over! Go home.