I recently spent a few weeks attending my sister's graduation in the USA, so being an avid (some would call it obsessed) toy collector I naturally took the opportunity to do er, *ahem* some toy shopping. Of course, being smack in the middle of the whole Star Wars fever from the release of Episode II: Attack of the Clones didn't exactly help things. And did I mention I really like toys? Anyway, on with the pictures.

Let's start with my Star Wars goodies, shall we? I have the misfortune of being stranded in a country where Star wars toys are despicably expensive. And this is not due to the evil scalpers and toy dealers pushing up prices. oh, no, the company that distributes the toys here does that well enough themselves. A regular Episode II figure retails here for about SING$17.90. What's retail in America? oh, only about US$5-6. Hmm, decisions decisions.

Of course I took the opportunity to grab some cheap'uns while I was there! Lucky for me things fell into place, and I was able to channel some money from Ebay sales and outstanding trades into vacation money. Most of that lot up there's from my vacation shopping, with some figures from recent trades thrown in to bulk it up. Average price per figure? About US$5, and the Carbonite playset was US$13 shipped. woohoo!

Much to learn have you about the Force.
Note: Dooku does not come with lightning. I swiped it off the Royal Guard figure, since it looks stoopid on him anyway. 

Anger leads to the Dark Side...but chicks they do have, yes.

ET....smell pits. This dude came from a local speciality store. Looks pretty good as an ET Senator. He'll probably be better once i give him arm joints.

Jedi kick butt.

Funny story: On my first trip to a Toys R Us at Emeryville, CA, I picked up 11 of the new Star Wars figures, the Apes woman, the Batman 4pack and a Cardcaptor Sakura doll. The cashier screwed up bad and for some reason had to make my purchase out in 2 receipts (I think she closed one transanction a few scans too early). I'm on my way out to the door, checking my receipts, when I see that she scanned in 4 Sakura dolls instead of one. I go back and get my money back, thinking that that should be it. On the way back in the car I check again and see that she also forgot and/or misscanned the Star Wars figures, and only rang up 6 pieces. So that's 5 Star Wars figures free! A whole US$30 in value! What a great start to the toyhunt! OK, not really funny, but I'm happy. 

Join me, and together, we can rule the galaxy as Father and Son!

NOOOOO! You're not my father!


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