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I came across these in the Nov issue of Hobby Magazine, so I thought I'd post them up here, along with Morrigan & Lilith who were also featured. June is my ultimate favourite design from Capcom, so it also gets a bigger pic link!

Game: Star Gladiator
Type: Resin cast kit
          24 parts, 22cm high.
Price: 8,800yen
Out now

At first glace I thought it was a new June kit, different from the one that Epoch/C-works released earlier this year. I was partly right.

It is different, but apparently it isn't all that new a figure. At least, I seem to remember the same sculpt being released previously. Checking thru' my files I came across this picture, taken off a website selling garage kits a few years ago. Damned if I can remember what it was called by now.


Looks like the same thing to me.

Overall, I really really like this figure, much more than the IMO, badly posed C-works one. The pose is better, the face is cuter, and it just looks more impressive overall. Why can't there be affordable action figures that look like this?

On the down side, the face, while great, doesn't quite look like the Capcom artwork of June. It leans too much to the anime style, I guess.