I came across these in the Nov issue of Hobby Magazine, so I thought I'd post them up here, along with a Star Gladiator June that was also featured.

These are brand new sculpts of the 2 succubi sisters, the latest among a long line of garage kits and figures dedicated to these two characters. I think that these are actually some of the better likenesses. there were previous kits which didn't quite look the the girls at all.


Game: Vampire Saviour
Type: Resin cast kit
          13 parts, 20cm high.
Due October 2001

A reasonably good likeness of Morrigan. Her boobs are  questionably a little too large, but that's not surprising for a garage kit. I can't say that I like the pose very much. Rather generic.

The let down is, I suppose, that they chose to colour her in these awful variant combination that I doubt even appears in the game. Ah well, if you get the garage kit it's unpainted, so I guess that doesn't really matter anyway.



Game: Vampire Saviour
Type: Resin cast kit
          10 parts, 15cm high.
Price: 8,00yen
Due October 2001

The cute kid sister comes in game faithful colours. Well, this demo mock up anyway. A very nice likeness of Lilith, in a sitting pose inspired by one of her portraits in the Vampire Saviour game.

Given a choice I'd rather get Lil'. Donations of 8,800yen happily accepted.