Roz & Boo in monster outfit

Type: plastic figures
Manufacturer: McDonald's Happy Meal items, Asia only
Out now in Singapore

The previous week's premiums have sold out so fast that many McD's outlets have already started selling the 2nd set. The Takashimaya outlet has in fact sold out of this set already as well! And it hasn't even been a week since the offer for the premiums started.


FEATURE: I'm really impressed by this one. Wind up the mechanism, and Roz will slither slowly in a snail-like manner forward, stop, make 4 ticks on her clipboard, then slither off at a tangent and do it all over again! Wow, what a marvel of mechanics! 

SCULPT: Roz is about 10cm from tip of her hair, whatever part it is touches the ground. It's a reasonable good sculpt, but it's not that exciting a design to begin with. Reminds me of the stereotypical "evil mathematics schoolteacher".

I'm not really interested in the character or the design (although that may change after I finally get to see the movie in a few days), and would have much preferred a CDAgent or even Thaddeus Bile, which I still think deserves a nice big figure. But the ingenuity of the mechanism really surprised me, so I'll give it a high grade for that!

Boo in monster outfit:

FEATURE: Roll her backwards, and she scuttles off in a huff, with both legs moving back and forth to simulate walking. I don't know if it's intentional, but she kinda waddles along, bopping slightly from side to side, which looks pretty cute. And she'll fall over after going a certain distance.

SCULPT: Standing at 11cm high, the monster outfit is really adorable. It resembles the CGI character only slightly, but it's still cute...kinda like Muppet. Boo's face, however is horrible! That's not Boo, that's Elmer Fudd in that suit! It's a really bad sculpt, in my opinion, and the paint job doesn't help either. Her eyes look like they're intoxicated with caffeine. I wish I could pry it apart to scan the monstrosity in but they glued the toy shut, so the best I can offer is:

Oh well, it looks alright from far off, if that's any consolation.