Mike Wazowski & Henry J Waternoose

Type: plastic figures
Manufacturer: McDonald's Happy Meal items, Asia only
Out now in Singapore

This week (29 Nov) the figures on offer are Mike Wazowski and Henry J Waternoose.


FEATURE: His left arm is part of a wind-up mechanism and waves up and down, while at the same time his eye blinks and his mouth opens and closes. Quite an animated figure!

SCULPT: Mike stands about 9cm from head to toe. At first he doesn't seem all too poseable but he can in fact sit down, although both his legs are one piece. 

It's a very nice sculpt of Mikey, but the cutting for his mechanisms causes him to look sleepy as his eyelid does not open all the way. Also, the wind-up mechanism often causes his eyes and mouth to close, so much that on the store display I initially thought they forgot to put any paint on the figure! Another problem is that once you push his legs into sitting position they don't quite lock back into standing position due to a design flaw inside Mikey, and it leaves him looking hunched and unstable. I had to open him up to reset the legs, so I'd advice NOT trying out his sitting posture at all.


FEATURE: Wind-up the button (rather tastelessly) found on the bottom of the figure, and his legs move back and forth causing him to crawl sideways like a crab.

SCULPT: Not really happy with the sculpt on this one, especially after the US version had such a nice one. It's got a friendly look, but the shape and simplicity of the sculpt takes away from the likeness. He has 2 shoulder joints, allowing his arms to move, but the joints are so loose they just flop back and forth. looks cheap. There aren't any play or design problems with this figure, but it's not very attractive visually, and looks to end up in second hand bins and flea markets in large quantities like other not-so-hot kid's meal premiums. I'll keep it just to have a set, but it's not a favourite.