So I'm out at the bookstore, and come across Love Hina #13. What's this on the cover?

OK, so I recognize the rest of the girls, but who the heck..? A new character? Did I mistake Kanako for Motoko? Or is that...

Unfortunately, it is. Aoyama Motoko has sliced off her lovely locks a la Akane from Ranma .

I'll leave the details out as to why, but there's a good hint in the picture already. Arrggh! What with Akamatsu? Changing Keitarou's spectacles to those horrid yuppie small versions, and now this with Motoko, sigh...I guess he wants to end Hina with a big bang (OK, maybe bad choice of words considering the whole Hina thing). According to the blurb, LOVE HINA will end at book #14, which probably also means that the new OVAs about Kanako may be the last of the last as well. 

Motoko and Kanako

Actually, Motoko's new hairdo isn't that bad. It's a fresh new look, and she does look great with it, but her "traditional Japanese Beauty" look has disappeared with her new short bob. In a way, it does seem neccessary, what with the increasing number of Hina girls all sporting dark, long locks. It can get confusing as to who's who. Well, this outdates all the Motoko figures!! They better start cranking out more, ha ha!


In other news, it looks like Seta's trying out a new look as well. Hmm, I wonder if he'll take to carrying giant metal crucifixion crosses in time to come?

~19 NOV 2001~