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I'm still lamenting the loss of Megabolt Megatron, aka "Megahead", due to the apparent end of the Beast Machines toyline, but something just hit me.

How cool would it be to issue Megahead as part of the Robots in Disguise line? It's robotic enough to fit into the Decepticon line, ....

Near the end of the series Grand Maximus awakens and battles the Decepticon robo-base, which is essentially shaped like a giant torso and 2 arms

Devil Gigatron (aka Galvatron, as he is called in the US version) attaches himself as one of the fists and both giants battle over the landscape.


Now, what if they issue Megahead as part of a Headmaster playset! They'd have to create the Decepticon base, but maybe they can make it transform into something, like Trypticon or Scorponok used to, and then have it change into the Decepticon torso-base thing. And Megahead, instead of being like Gigatron and fitting onto the fist, would become the head instead! True, they'd need to tweak it slightly, taking away the legs etc, but it would be a cool toy....

Megatron in "Head mode"

Mock up of "Headmaster" Megatron. Courtesy of me. :-)

AND, it would make sense as an opponent for Grand Max.

What do you guys think? Should we start a poll to Hasbro? hee hee

Hmm, maybe throw the BM Unicorn in as Megahead's steed...after all, Fort Max did have additional robots besides Cerebro.

~30 Oct 2001~