Ironic. Simply Ironic, that the first entry into my new "thots" section has to do with the previous server:

To summarize: I'm pissed.

See, I once had a site at Xoom, which was then bought over by NBCI. Not that I did much with it, but I did have some stuff there, and it cheesed me off that I couldn't even take down my old stuff via ftp or move it to another server. At least my old crappy geocities stuff is still online, even though it's in a state of abandonment.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I've always wanted to try and start a new page afresh. Something minimalist so I wouldn't be put off by doing too many graphics or too much html, which really burns me out. After looking around I thought might be a nice place to get started. It had FTP (Something the SUCKY Homestead doesn't) and didn't seem very pop-up intentsive, so what the heck, I thought I'd try it for my Hitchhiker's tribute.

It turns out, the whole 20m business is just a scam, a worm on a hook! They sent me an e-mail telling me to upgrade to a paid service, or

-the size of site gets cut down to 12mb (from 20m)
-a file size limit of 512k will be put in place
-the bandwith will be cut down to 512mb
-FTP will be disabled

If that's not scamming I don't know what is. So much for their 20m claim! They ought to rename themselves We'll scam you after you've settled Nothing is even mentioned about any trial period or whatever when you sign up. The whole thing stinks to me, just like Homestead's decision to go commercial (I mean, the service already stinks when it's free!). 20m's just amputated the whole future of my website.

So that leaves me looking for a new host.

Homestead = Suckzzz
Xoom/NBCI = dead
Geocities = Hate the ad box
Tripod = err...
Angelfire = Rep for being real slow
Freehostspace = turns out you have to PAY for the domain name, but hosting is free.
Freeservers = never heard of them.

So there you have it. The reason for the move, and why I'm on Tripod. At first glace it doesn't seem to be a bad server. It's got working ftp, lots more space (50MB), and it's been around for quite a while, so that should be some security there. The only irritation is the ads. A neccessary evil, I know, but the GOOD thing is that if you minimize the ad box it doesn't pop up again, so just leave it there until you move off. I'd place the ads at the top of the page but it really screws up framed pages, putting one ad on top of each html file. Oh well.

I should be here for some time, unless of course in a month or so I get an e-mail asking me to upgrade or get the shaft again....

~28 Oct 2001~