Transformers: TWIN CAST
Cybertron doubles and how to tell them apart

Part I: Hotshot - The robot

Let's look at the visual changes that have occurred. Takara's version is always on the left, and will be referred to as HOTROD, while Hasbro's version will be on the right of the picture, and be called HOTSHOT. 

The most obvious change is the actual colour of the model, as you should be able to tell from the pic on the left and top. Hotshot's cast in a more lemon yellow kind of tone, while Hotrod's a darker, more yellow ochre colour. 

One advantage to the japanese one is that it really brings out the colours of the character. In comparison, the lighter yellow makes the US version look flimsier, and of lesser quality due to its higher transparency.

The darker colour also makes the surface appear to be glossier, with an almost enamel-like sheen. I cannot tell whether the plastic used is of a different grade, but if it isn't, my guess is that this is due to the shine being more obvious on a darker coloured area.

The other REALLY OBVIOUS change is to the Autobot insignia located on the tail of the vehicle. Hotshot's insignia is just one pig patch of red painted over the sculpted logo. The Japanese version takes the trouble to paint ONLY the logo so that the lines are still all visible. Now THAt is an Autobot sign!

Now for the robot mode:

Exhibit A: 

Hotshot's entire torso is one unpainted save for the silver cross-cross pattern on his chest. 

Hotrod's got his panties coloured a darker tone of red. 

It's not much, but it makes his torso less boring to look at.

Exhibit B: 

Hotshot has got  BLUE rings on his legs.

Hotrod's got GREY rings. 

A small difference but it makes a huge difference. In vehicle mode, HotSHOT's rings are rather obvious as the dark blue colour is visible on the other side of the door due to the translucent quality of the light yellow colour.  For Hotrod, the lighter coloured grey rings, AND the darker yellow of the figure results in the rings being almost imperceptible in vehicle mode.



30 Mar 03