Type: Jenny Doll
Manufacturer: Takara Japan
Price: 2980yen
Out now

I'm no Jenny collector, but seeing this one standing in the box really hit me. She not only has the cutest hairstyle I've seen on a Jenny yet, but her J-street fashion clothing style just had something really cool about it.

Studio Street Jenny comes with two complete pairs of outfits. You've got the JN pink jacket, the jeans, red stockings and sandals, and you've got a rather sickeningly cute shirt with heart-prints, cotton hotpants, blue glittery stockings and huge platform shoes. A weird rope-like scarf(??) and a fashionable denim bag complete the set.

The materials used and the quality of the stitching is very high...I suppose that's standard for a Japanese doll of this price range. Material-wise some of it doesn't match up to the pics on the box, and the felt on the pink jacket feels very rigid, but they're not big issues. What did happen that's a bit disappointing is that the scarf has begun to unravel slightly at one end; and it looks more like a rope than the fluffy thing in the picture.

Overall, each outfit is pretty cool on it's own, but there's something unsatisfactory about it. In the end I mixed all of them for something I liked.


Something that's really cool is the catalog cum comic book that comes with the doll. The cover shows SS Jenny (In socks, shoes and a denim top that doesn't come with the figure, unfortunately) in a really cute pose...apparently Jenny's going through some tough times at design school, so she's got a few sketches falling out of her book and stuff.

The comic itself is a collage of pictures of the dolls not unlike the infamous Twisted Mego Theatre from the Toyfare magazine. Thankfully Takara has the taste in story-telling. Jenny's guy has flown away or something and she's blue, and can't design for nuts. True, it's very mushy and girly, but it's a Jenny doll, what did you expect?

One thing's for sure, if anything the comic shows how poseable the new PhotoJenny (ie, Photogenic Jenny) body is. For those who don't know what that is, Takara's nearly darn perfected the bendable toy...the new Jenny dolls feature bodies which can bend and pose using bendable technology, so the doll has not visible joints, meaning they make much nicer displays without any Pinnochio syndrome. Unlike previous bendable attempts (Like those of Bandai, Mattel and Jakk's), the rubber material used is smooth and doesn't feel rubbery or sticky, meaning it's easier to slip on clothes. Also, the joint system for the torso and crotch mimics real skin very well; the "skin" bends and conforms to realistic contours, so no ugly 'folds'.

For pics of the body in action, click here....beware, the pictures have been called...controversial.