TRansformers: MYCLONE series 1
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MTF 001; MTF 006 (MTF? Myclone Trans Former? no idea, but it sounds vulgar. :-p )
Well, it's THE Transformer, the LEGENDARY leader of the Autobots. The sculpt is dead-on with the cartoon version of the original Prime. It looks like a smaller, fatter, and cuter version of the Mega SFC Optimus. Overall, a great representation of Prime, EXCEPT for the fact that they didn't give him a backplate!!! I think this is sorely required since every TransFan and his brother will know that Prime had these cool jetpack like designs on his back.

Prime's trailer mode: Feh. Well, what can one really expect from a Myclone version? It's not bad, but it's not the pride of the collection either. It features the same torso as the figure, only the waist is replaced by the wheel assembly. It's even still got the ball-pegs where the arms fit. The only difference is that the number plate is a darker shade of yellow. The trailer is a 2 piece snap together hollow item, that's probably only good for hiding your small secret items like the toenail clippings from that girl you admire.

*One note about the Myclone series. They seem to just be big-headed and small bodied interpretations of the original characters, and not Cutesy Super deformed versions like some previous Transformers candy toys have been.

MTF 002

Megs is really weird, because if you think about it, he looks more mature than the original G1 toy which was all squished looking. His head's a bit longer than previous incarnations; even the Mega SCF version wasn't so elongated. It does look more show-accurate that way, however. He loses the elbow joint on his right arm due to his Fusion cannon. I would have liked his chestplate a little broader, but he's a cute little badass as it is.

MTF 003
I looove Starscream, so this is definately one of my favourites from this wave. Overall he looks the least block-like, thanks to his spiffy wings (with decepticon logos printed on both sides, as should be) and nullray guns (null rayguns?). I'd say he's the best representation body wise. His head disappoints slightly; his eyes are placed a little too high on his head making him look a bit brainless. Also, he's got a pretty inane expression. It almost looks like he's happily daydreaming. A wicked sneer would have been much more in character for him.

How much would you wager that we'll see him repainted as Thundercracker or Skywarp before long? ;-)

MTF 004
It's a wholely accurate depiction of Magnus. Again, no backplate for him, but I have no recollection of what he looks like from the back anyway. At least it's not a little white Prime hanging down back there. On second thoughts, that might be kinda cool.

While he's not a favourite, the sculpt makes him a nice piece to add to the Transformers collection. I think it's worth the price just so you can pull him to pieces just like in the Movie. :-)

MTF 005
Probably the worst of the lot. Where do I begin? The head sculpt doesn't look pretty or cute, it just looks bland. The depth and features found on the other Myclones make this one look as flat as a wall. Perhaps the sculpt fell flat on its face while in progress. The helmet design is alright, but the face is not a good likeness of Arcee. And the body....the limbs are thinner than the male robots; this is to be expected; but they still used the basic torso for her, so she looks like she's wearing a poofy rugby suit! And those duck feet...sigh.  I've seen blocky female figures in other lines like Kubricks, but since they usually shared the same body parts with their male counterparts the bulkiness isn't that obvious. Here, the blocky aspects work for the male robots because they had blocky designs. Arcee was shaped like an attractive woman, and the Myclone style just doesn't work well translating that.

This one needed more time at the drawing board.

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10 Feb 02