Series: Lucky Bears Trading figures
Manufacturer: Jun Planning

Jun Planning, a company well-known for its line of high quality Nightmare Before Christmas items, jumps onto the Kubricks bandwagon!

Kubricks (Not the director!) are a series of Lego-esque figures made by Japanese toy company Medicom, featuring popular characters like those from Metal gear solid, Evangelion, and many other lines, as well as original creations like the Tofu Brothers. One of their latest products is a line called BEARBRICKS, featuring bear-like Kubricks bodies covered in an assortment of paint designs.

LUCKY BEARS is Jun Planning's attempt to tap into the Bearbrick market. Similar to the BB's, the line consists of small, bear-shaped figures in a variety of designs. The bodies differ slightly, with JP's version having larger, more ridiculously sized heads and really stubby little limbs that make them look even more retarded. Or cuter.

Like Bearbricks, Lucky Bears come in small, unmarked boxes, so you don't know what you're getting. The box does list the percentage ratios of your chances, so if you're out to get the rare one, one case might not be enough, since it can range up to 1:100.

Normally I wouldn't bother with such items, because I think they look pretty stupid. But one design in Lucky Bears caught my eye: RYU. The usual bunch of bears were the same cute and weird designs that Bearbricks are also known for, but Ryu was different. he was KICKASS.

From his jade green skin to his dragon tattoo's, he was mean, lean and really bloody cool. This was a bear who'd take no crap and beat you up if he didn't like your face. He'd probably fire off a few fireballs from his hands, slice Darth Maul into 2, and pummel the pulp out of Akuma while he was at it. He looks that KICKASS.

OK, I made all of that up. According to his bio, which comes in the box, he's a secret disciple of some funky ancient Chinese Martial Art, and in his spare time he works in a restaurant cooking Chinese cuisine. Hmm, sounds familiar. But lame. I like my impression better.

I still wanted him. Damn those random packs. I decided to try nevertheless. Amazingly, I got one on my first try. Maybe these truly are Lucky Bears. Then again he's 12:100, so he isn't that rare. Still, nice to not have wasted my money.

LBs come with one random figure, one 2-pegged stand, and a small biocard.

The figure itself is made up of a very study plastic material. On the thinner parts it's slightly flexible, but overall you don't have to worry about this guy taking damage from a fall.

There are 10 points of articulation on these, putting them waaaay above Bearbricks. Neck, shoulders, wrists, waist, hips and ankles can all swivel, giving him lots of joints. But due to his shape, you can't really do all that much with them. Still, a nice touch to have.

The paint application is gorgeous. Not a missed line. The designs are printed onto the plastic, so you get very high quality resolution stuff. 

I love this guy. His design is innovative; LOOOVE those dragon eyes! This has got to be the coolest and weirdest teddy bear I've ever seen, and it's just great. KICKASS!!!