Harry Potter's Hogwarts Heroes

Type: Plastic doll
By: Mattel
Price: Sing$19.90
Out Now.

I'm no Harry Potter fan. I didn't really enjoy the film all that much. I don't even think this doll looks like the actress very much. Why was this on my to-buy list?

It has to do with one fine day. While looking at the Potter merchandise I noticed that the all the dolls had arms in slightly different positions in the box, which hinted at at least had some kind of elbow joint. I was interested. Upon further examination Hermione (Whose legs are the only ones visible of all 3 characters) seemed to have knee joints under her stockings, judging from the way the fabric contoured around her knees. I'm always interested in new possibilities of well-articulated dolls, so this got me wondering about the Harry Potter ones. Could Mattel, usually known for its famous Barbie dolls which feature only 5 basic joints, have hidden a special treat with the Potter line? Questioning on the 'net didn't yield an answer, so the only way to find out was to get one for myself. So when the Xmas 20% discount rolled around, I snagged one.

Surprise surprise! Mattel came through, in more ways than I'd hoped for! Instead of just a regular doll body with added elbows and knees, which was the standard I expected, they've created a well-articulated masterpiece!

Although the doll body doesn't replicate a Volk's doll or anything like that, it is incredible for the price range of this line. The doll features:

  • ball-jointed neck
  • ball-jointed and hinged shoulders
  • ball-jointed and hinged elbows
  • ball-jointed torso
  • ball-jointed hips
  • hinged knees
  • ball-jointed and hinged ankles

It's almost as articulated as the DC superheroes 9" doll line from Hasbro; all that're missing are wrist joints. But that does little to detract from the amount that it does have. Mego fans will also be pleased; the doll features hips that are held together by elastic bands, which really allow some crazy posing.

Overall I am pleased as punch about Mattel's surprising effort. Of course, I'm assuming that Harry and Ron feature the same kind of articulation as Hermione. I just hope I'm not wrong! I think doll customizers are going to find this line extremely useful when they eventually hit clearance. I know I will. these should make very nice Teen bodies for the 9" doll lines, or great little kid bodies for the 12" line. Here are some comparison pics

In relation to the 9" or 1/8th scale In relation to the 12" or 1/6th scale

For those expecting a review of Hermione herself, here's a quick one. Like most Mattel dolls, the fabric and stitching are of excellent quality. It's quite a nice uniform she has on. Her wand doesn't stay on much, and the Hogwarts emblem doesn't really work in hot climates because the weather's warm enough that it doesn't disappear! Her head seems a bit big and like I said, it doesn't look much like the actress, but it's not ugly, at least. Nice frizzy hair.