The Darkstalkers are 1000 yen more than the Street Fighter characters, presumably because they come with more / larger accessories. 

Even so, it seems like whoever paid for Morrigan will also be subsidising some of Lei Lei's stuff, coz she doesn't come with enough to justify that much more. Morri comes with 2 heads, both of which have interchangeable hair, 2 different sized wings, 6 hands, her stand, and 8 spikes, 2 short and 6 long ones. It's more than Cammy, but still pittance compared to Lei Lei.

The costume on Morrigan is pretty good. Sculpted boots, printed leggings, and black body tights make up the ensemble. It looks and fits good, with some exception around the chest area. The cleavage gap is just a hole cut into the fabric, and looks terribly untidy. They should have used something with lesser fraying tendencies. 
The top isn't as low cut as it should be as well, but I believe that's got to do with realistic engineering dynamics. ie, they just couldn't pull it off. One part of the outfit has been changed from the prototype: The sleeves are now pink sheer fabric, instead of being the same material as the leggings. It doesn't look too bad, but the lack of hemming at the edges are already causing mine to fray. 


Unlike Cammy, Morrigan has no velcro at the back, as the outfit can be pulled up to be worn. Instead, there are 2 bands of elastic (very badly) sewed to her back. These are meant to hold the wings in place. 

The small wings rotate like hands ona clock, which the large wings swing in and out like flaps. In the middle pivot point of each there is a short rod. the top of the rod goes under the top elastic band, and vice versa for the bottom counterparts. A neat idea that doesn't work at all in execution. The elasticity of the bands and the amount of allowance between the two edge stitches gives too much free play to the pivot rod, which doesn't stay in place and shifts wildly from side to side. Also, the weight of the large wings results in the inability of posing them correctly, as the weight tilts the whole wing, and usually the figure as well. The pressure from the weight will also cause the top band to snap off; I had to restitch mine within 30 minutes of opening the toy.

 Do not attempt to recreate this pose at home. You will fail miserably.

There must also be something really different about the Morrigan doll body, because not only does she look HUGE next to the other 2 I have, she also cannot bend at her hips! 

With Cammy I could at least achieve about 50-60 degrees. Morrigan can hardly even bend at 45 degrees! So she can't sit, or do anything other than a slii~ght tilt forward, which sucks. What is the point of having a soft bendy body if you can't pose it in the first place?? The picture above right is a failed attempt at getting her to "levitate" in a cross-legged sitting postition. That's as far as I could get it. 

Now to Morrigan's heads. They're engineered like your standard gashapon figure, so collectors of those should be familiar with how it goes. One main hair piece that plugs into a face piece, followed by the front of the hair that plugs into 2 notches above the forehead. Either head can be used with either hairpiece. The batwings unplug and reattach into holes on both.

This is the basic Morrigan head. All I can say is...yuck. The hair looks like her, but the face is weird. It looks like some caricatured version of Morrigan done by a semi-talented Dojinshi artist who still hasn't gotten the basics of anime or facial anatomy down. It'snot really an ugly face, but the style doesn't belong here. It's not the least bit Capcom styled. in fact, it kind of looks like something based on Rumiko Takahashi's early works. Add to that bright red highlights for the earlobes! What is she? Sore and bleeding?? 

All this is excusable on a 100 yen candy toy, but not on a 3600 yen collectible figure marketed at discerning collectors aged 13 and up! 

What really sucks is, the other head is even worse!! I thought that, like Cammy, perhaps the kickbutt head might look better. How wrong I was. The sculpting on this one makes the rest of the line (save Chun Li) look like Skyluv merchandise. There is no likeness to Morrigan whatsoever, and she is gifted with a frown that can go head on with any Sagat figure. It's huge and ugly! Something like that belongs on a figure of Guy, or Akuma, or Guile.



I'm not a big fan of the Dragonball Z hairstyle either, but it's true to form when Morrigan is flying or doing some of her other moves. Problem is, what they provide you with is smaller than it should be and it just looks like a dinky beehive.

The purpose for all the accessories is to recreate, in your very own living room, the devastatingly famous attack: Morrigan's heavy punch.

taste the sarcasm.





What it should really look like.

An excellent choice. It's incredibly difficult to set up because

a) Morrigan can't stand legs akimbo like that, and she can hardly balance with that thing on her back anyway.

b) Those arrow spearhead things have no support and try their best to fall off while you adjust any other spearheads or the wings or anything else in particular.

c) the stand is absolutely useless when it comes to supporting any stance that runs slightly sideways.

Final verdict: It's too difficult to set up, and when you finally get some semblance of the pose it isn't very handling-friendly nor does it look worth the effort. 

I really wouldn't recommend this figure to anyone. It's priced too highly, the gimmicks don't work, and it looks ugly and unfaithful to the original design. On top of that, the Dollgure is in a bad need of a tweak. Best to stay away unless you're really REALLY
REEAALLY a Morrigan fan (I know you guys are out there) and you must own every piece of Morrigan merchandise ever.

She might have gotten a better score if she came with something more play n' pose friendly. I mean, she's a Darkstalker! These guys are full of accessories and morphs that can easily translate into play gimmicks! Like...

A blade attachent for those painful looking uppercuts

Her flight jetpack. REaLLy, Moby DICK, this one is a no-brainer. This beats a big pair of bat wings and dysfunctional spikes anytime.

And this!

OK, maybe that's asking for a bit too much....but something like that is just so pee-in-your-pants kinda cool. Oh well, too bad.

BTW, those sprites were ripped by me and an hour spent with PSEmuPro. Go get your own. 

Click on any of the characters for a review.

Chun Li gets an Immediate Failure for being so ugly. I almost bought one to show how bad it is but I didn't. Ranks as 2nd worst Chun Li figure ever.