Dollgure figures

Manufacturer: MOBY DICK Toys;  REDS, INC
Type: Bendable doll figure
Out now

Street Fighters: 2600 yen
Darkstalkers    : 3600 yen

Moby Dick Toys, mostly known for their series of large 2 packs featuring Resident Evil, is back with more Capcom stuff. They've developed a new bendable doll body that they've dubbed "DOLLGURE", described by them as a "NATURAL SOFT BODY, SUPER POSEABLE", which they've used for this line (And some others. There is a Dollgure Cutey Honey series as well, and the packaging states Project Arms as well).

Each Dollgure figure comes with its own stand, comprising a base, a ball-jointed swivel stick and 2 different sized support claws. One fits the calf, and the other fits the thighs.

Their inaugural CQ series consists of 4 popular Capcom ladies: Chun Li, Morrigan, Cammy and Lei Lei (Hsien ko), 3 of which are reviewed here.
But first, how does the Dollgure body stack up as a figure? Let me cover that first since all the dolls use a very similar body.

The construction consists of one basic main body, with embedded wires, just like any standard bendy toy. A generic peg plugs into the head, and hands and boots / feet are attached onto pegs on the limbs that can vary. Eg, Cammy's peg plugs into her wrist guards and are located just after her elbows, while Morrigan's arm extends all the way to the wrists as she only comes with attachable hands.

The material feels rubbery and a little stiff compared to the Takara Compact Jennies, which also use bendable technology for their bodies. It's also much glossier, and looks rather cheap. So, Natural? not really. Soft? I'll only give it 50%. I've seen better. Tons better than the Galoob bendy Star Wars or Trendmaster's Cardcaptor stuff, but still waaay behind Jenny.
What's NOT good is the "articulation" of the doll. The sculpting is alright enough, and seems to leave room for movement. However, the stiffness of the material and the bad placement of the internal wires impend really good movement.

The first pic of Cammy shows approximately all the degrees of movement that you'll be able to get out of thing body. The knees and elbows work alright, but the bendability of the shoulders and hips are really bad. The wires don't run all the way into the body and so they will not hold a sitting pose at all. irritatingly, you can get a lot of oddball shapes for the rest of the leg which really doesn't serve much purpose other than getting the doll to look slapstickly dislocated. "Super Poseable", Ha!

Plus, for all its stiffness, the material isn't very durable either! I've had Cammy for about 2 months now, and the rubber is already starting to show signs of wear! The armpits look like the rubber just ripped apart. I don't know if she came like that or ifthey only recently tore, but it looks like stress will do some damage to parts where the rubber is stretched.

And the reverse happens as well. I keep Cammy posed in a kicking position, and as you can see, there is already a dent in the hip where the rubber has conformed to the crease. To be fair, this happens a lot to bendable toys and other soft materials. I've even seen unopened jenny dolls where the pressure of the twist tie had left a stress mark.

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Chun Li gets an Immediate Failure for being so ugly. I almost bought one to show how bad it is but I didn't. Ranks as 2nd worst Chun Li figure ever.