Based on the Street Fighter II Cammy, the doll comes with personalised stand, 5 hands, removable beret, and 2 heads, both of which feature bendy pigtails. Trust me, they come in very useful when posing the figure.

The use of a full-bodied fabric outfit worked out better than I had expected, although it is not without flaws. I never liked fabric skin, but this one is tolerable. It fits snugly on her legs, but will see creases from time to time, which a little tugging and pulling in the right places will fix. In addition, it acts as adust cover for the rubber legs, which will, if exposed, no doubt gather a huge amount of dust.

The green tights, however, are not so well done. The front looks decent enough for a fabric outfit at this scale. The back is anouther story altogether. There's a big ugly velcro snap at the top, followed by an ill-fitting gap (design accurate, just ill-fitting). Finally, the edge of the bikini line is littered with stray thread because that's where they sewed the green top to the leggings (for the life of me I cannot understand why they did that!). If I wanted to be anal I could also say that the cut of the top is wrong and that Cammy sports a G-string look, but I'll be nice, since it is a fabric outfit, and that will be hard to replicate in a good looking way at this scale.

Cammy comes with heads that have her happily winking at you (a la her winning pose in SFII), and a more serious, "I'll kick your butt" face. They're both reasonably alright as likenesses go. It's recognisably Cammy but it just doesn't have the same quality of sculpting as some of the more recent Cammy merchandise from other companies. Personally, I like the kickbutt head better.
My one gripe is that the head looks a little weird without the beret on. Speaking of which, there is no way to attach the beret securely to either head. It just sits on top. Sometimes, as if by magic, it will secure itself to the head. Other times, it just slides off after a while if not balanced properly. No pegs, no clips, nothing holds it down.

Overall, disregarding the bad engineering of the Dollgure body, this isn't too bad a figure. It's not a terrible rendition of the character, especially so after seeing howbadly they screwed up Chun Li. The sculpt is cartoonier than expected (and by that I don't mean anime-styled) and the clothes needsome work but they're passable. Makes for a cute llittle Cammy doll. And it does help that Cammy does a lot of sideways kicking, coz the doll is able to bend that way. With a little posing this figure can look pretty cool.

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Chun Li gets an Immediate Failure for being so ugly. I almost bought one to show how bad it is but I didn't. Ranks as 2nd worst Chun Li figure ever.