TY Beanie Baby: Creepers

Type: Ty Beanie
Price: $5-7?
Out now

Isn't he cute? Creepers is one of Ty's new Halloween beanies for 2001, and while I've never been impressed with any Ty's, I really like it.

I've got one of the older Ty halloween beanies...a pumpkin head thing. Looks alright but it wasn't very much fun. Picked it up at a junk store so it wasn't that big a loss.

This year Ty's got a cute little grim reaper character for it's halloween beans. I think the other is a black cat with a orange sash. Pshft! big deal. Go with Li'l Creepers here, now he's cool. He looks like a little reaper / Scream ghostface kinda guy, but he's so cute he's harmless (Or at least, he'd like us to think so! Ho ho ho). 

Creepers here is a little plush skull-headed beanie. Under that robe is just a regular humanoid body sewn in white furry fabric, complete with digitless hands and feet. His skull head's what makes him stand out (right). It's also made from the same furry material, and to top it off he has a cute little crack on his right side. Guess he bonked his head while getting up for some cookies, silly fella.

The winner is his robe. It's made from a silky material, but rough to the touch, and looks like a big hooded T-shirt. Fun bit is the printed on skeleton body on the front of the shirt, that brings out his face. Nothing on his back, though. The printing's pretty good and clean, but unfortunately it doesn't glow in the dark or anything. That's been done to death anyway. [Addendum 30/10: NO WAIT, IT DOES GLOW!! Just not very bright, so I didn't notice it] His hood pops over his head snugly, making him really look like the reaper (Not grim, tho, not one bit). Too bad they didn't give him a small sickle, that'd be fun to have. Then he'd be all set to the trick n' treaters.

Recommended, especially for anyone who likes Nightmare Before Christmas. :-)