CHOBITS capsule figures

series: Chobits, by CLAMP
Price: 200yen each

Cho-what? Chobits is the latest manga series by the all girl manga makers CLAMP, who also brought us X, Magic Knight Rayearth and Cardcaptor Sakura. The manga is about humanity, androids and emotions. Sound familiar? The lead android in question is a little girl android named "Chii".

There are 5 small figures in this series; I am missing one. Chii makes up 4, with the last figure is of the portable celphone/modem/diary/organizer android Sumomo.

(Good Day!)

Shimizu sensei dekita
(Teacher Shimizu's done it.)



I am missing "Pantsu! Pantsu!" Chii, pulling a pair of undies over her head (read the manga, it's there). The series is pretty risque. Where else would you get a series which has a figure in a french maid outfit, one in schoolgirl gym tights, and one in the bath? Even Sumomo's arabian-esque pants come apart to bear her legs, even though I'm pretty sure that it wasn't neccessary to mold them as such. It does reflect the flavour of the manga, tho, which has some erotic elements as well. Chii's on switch is down...there, and the humour consists of Chii, who likes to emulates human behaviour, copying the poses from a porn magazine because she doesn't know any better. Well, CLAMP has always been odd that way.

Overall this set has some very excellent sculpting and paint quality, which is impressive given the scale of these items. Chii looks like she jumped right out of the manga. I especially like the 2 full-bodied figures, so the missing one doesn't really bother me. The overall construction is pretty good, although I had some trouble getting Konnichiwa's hair to fit in place, and needed some superglue. The bathing piece doesn't seem to fit in with the other three, but works wonderfully with the Love Hina Waterline series. Of course, both items are made by the same company of K&M (Kaiyodo & Movic), so you gotta figure that they just like doing that sort of thing.

Scale: slightly under 4" / 10cm

K&M's bathing beauties