Ryu vs EVIL Ryu Kubricky things

Game: SNK vs Capcom: Millennium Fight
Type: Plastic figure
Out now

Much like the Kubricks Akuma, this is another exclusive set only available with hong Kong comic books. This set features 2 identical figures with different paint applications as Ryu and evil Ryu, sporting the *sigh* a centre-parted hairstyle ala Aaron Kwok that is apparently associated with Ryu in Hong Kong. I'd have preferred spikey SFII styled hair. Ah well.

The figures utilize the Kubricks body once again; the only diference between these and Medicom's official ones is the lack of toe-holes. Which brings me to the point: What was the point of them in the actual Kubrick figures anyway?? Shoes? I digress, back to Ryu...the major difference is of course the completely non-Kubricks head in this set. It's huge compared to your regular Kubricks dimensions. His arm bands seem to have been taken from the previous releases of Lego-esque fighters, although in that series the body type was completely different.

A shame, if they could have made these in the same vein the collection would look that much more impressive. Apparently some other characters were planned for that series but I have no word about what happened to that. :-(

There is also a singular SNK Iori that was made for this series. But I don't collect SNK stuff, so you'll have to look elsewhere for pics. Sorree~!