Game: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Type: Plastic figure
Out now

What? You didn't know about the Kubricks Akuma?? Don't worry, there isn't one. The Medicom Kubricks set still remains complete at just Chun Li and Morrigan.

This is actually a Kubricks-styled special edition Chrome Akuma that's only available in Hong Kong, as a gift with certain Capcom-based comic books. It is VERY Kubricks-esque, right down to the scale and dimensions, much like the bootleg Star Wars and Superhero "Kubricks" that have been floating around, with one small exception: This is an official licensed product. Comes with a little strap that has "Street Fighter III' embroidered on it. Neat stuff.

It's quite a fun looking figure, having Akuma Kubricksized. In many ways it's a shame that it's only, as far as I know, available in chrome; a full colour version would go nicely with the Medicom ones. I guess it's good that it at least got made, and it is quite amusing to see how they used white lines for the 'details. He even has his little "ten" character on his back. Only bad things about it that I have to say are that his hair doesn't stay in place very well, and the use of chrome means that I'll most likely leave fingerprints all over once I get him out. Drat, this looks like one figure that isn't going to be displayed loose.