Released: 2002

Type: Horror/Suspense

Written & directed by Paul Anderson

Starring: Milla Jovovich; Michelle Rodriguez


Based loosely on the zombie-hunting Capcom video game of the same name, this movie revolves around the activities of the UMBRELLA Corporation, a viral warfare and genetic experimentation research facility that works under the cover of being a pharmaceuticals company located in RACOON CITY.

The theft and contamination of the corporation's underground research centre (the "Hive") by the deadly T-virus causes a security computer to initiate an immediate shutdown of the whole area In order to quarantine the area, the system also kills each and every employee working at the facility, to prevent the virus from spreading to the outside world.

A special operatives team is sent in to shut down the computer system, and are subsequently joined by the two guards to the secret entrace to the "Hive", one of whom is played by Milla. They get more than they bargained for, when they soon discover that the T-virus has a rather gruesome side-effect: the ability to reanimate the dead. 


Spoiler-free review:

It is not often that I walk out a theatre thinking how good parts of a movie were. This is one of those times. Resident Evil takes elements from the games and other horror movies and blends them rather successfully into a very watchable film that will send your blood pumping and turn quite a few stomachs. Even those with no prior knowledge of the games should have no problems following the plot. And for those that are fans of the game series, this movie has plenty of things which should seem very familiar. 

The film has a nice blend of horror, suspense and action, which has been missing from many other similar films like Virus or even the last few Alien movies. The directing is also well done, incorporating a stylistic flair while not going overboard with it a la Matrix. While it is not a GREAT movie, I think it's an extremely worthwhile watch. As a big Capcom fan, I'm extremely pleased with the treatment of the property. Personally, I'd rank it as the best game to film adaptation yet, a good thing after Capcom's last attempt to bring their games to the big screen. Anyone remember STREET FIGHTER *hack! ptui!*?

WARNING: This movie contains a LOT of very explicit violence, and those who get queasy at the sight of blood, or at the sight of multiple decapitations should NOT go to see it. This movie makes Spawn look like a saturday morning cartoon. There's also quite a bit of nudity in the film (mostly Milla), so bring your kids to see Ice Age or something, even if they're big fans of the game. 



Unfortunately, there do not seem to be any figures made in conjunction with this movie. Word is that the company that currently hold the Resident Evil license could not get it renewed, and that may have something to do with the lack of any figures based on this film. The adult rating of the movie is also probably a factor. At any rate, we might get lucky with a surprise line being launched come the video release, or with the next movie.

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