Thinkway SULLEY electronic model kit

Type: Plastic kit/figure with electronic features
Manufacturer: Thinkway
Price: Sing$39.90, only available at Toys R Us
Out now

I am HIGHLY recommending this as the PERFECT Sulley figure for the Monsters Inc line! By far the most popular character in the show, I really wanted a good Sulley figure. The Hasbro version was too small for my taste, and the price point here (Sing$29.90!!! They're mad!) isn't worth it. This version costs $10 more than that, and that extra bit of money is VERY worth it (your mileage may vary).

What this Thinkway kit is is essentially a figure done in the same style that they have repeatedly used over and over in their other Pixar-related merchandise (Toy Story, Bug's Life). You get a figure which requires simple assembly; lots of big parts to snap together. It's easy and well-marked which part goes where, making it great for kids. Once you're done you get a large action figure! But that's not all.

Like his Pixar-predecessors, Sulley comes with en electronic talking mechanism. This time round they've incorporated a new "Personality Change Technology" into their figures. Each item (Sulley, Mike, Randall and a DIY Monster kit make up the series) comes with interchangeable parts which will cause the figure to spout different phrases depending on which part is plugged in. The packaging ingeniously rewires the character so the test-box allows you to hear ALL the available phrases at once. With Sulley, plugging in the friendly or the scarer face will result in him saying some friendly lines or him roaring wildly in an attempt to scare you. The phrases he says can be found below.

Some quibbles about the figure:

  • Some joints are a bit loose, which bother him in terms of holding some gravity-defying positions.
  • His head, being soft vinyl, is a different colour from the rest of his body! It's quite noticeable.
  • The plastic looks to be the kind that may yellow relatively quickly. I wouldn't keep him in direct sunlight for too long.

James P Sullivan here stand at a whopping 20cm in height (About 9"s!) which makes him more or less to scale to the variety of small Mike Wazowski's out there, something that the Hasbro version is too small for. That's a plus in my book!

Other ways this Sulley clocks in better than the Hasbro one:

  • -Extra parts! 2 heads and 2 pairs of hands allow you to choose his look. The various joints on his body where the parts snap together allow swivel articulation.

  • -Really loud and clear diction, much louder than the Hasbro ones. This guy will really roar!!

  • -More than twice as many phrases!

  • -Better sculpt, in my opinion, at least.



"I'm James P Sullivan, he Ha Ha! But you can call me Sulley"

"Ha ha Ha ha! I'm not gonna scare ya....I'm off duty!"

"Anybody seen Mike? Ya know! The little green guy!"

"The more screams I get, the more fuel we have."

"I wouldn't trust that Randall..."

"Don't worry, I'll protect you from the CDA."

"There's something straaange going on at Monsters Inc."


"Raaaaooor! Scaring's just my job."

"Raaaaaarrrbrrrbrrrbrrrr! heh heh, gets 'em every time!"

"Ok, open the door...RAAAAAAAArrrrbrrrbrrbrrrrh!!!"

"Raaaaa! Ha ha ha, yeah, that one usually gets a scream!"